Realising the value of AdminBase

Russell Bridge & Ellie Franklin, Finesse Windows
Russell Bridge & Ellie Franklin, Finesse Windows

Finesse Windows has adopted the AdminBase CRM system and has described the software as ‘revolutionary’ for the business.

Russell Bridge, managing director of Finesse Windows, explained: “Over the years we have used a few bespoke CRM or process management tools. All have been great initially but the investment to keep on reinventing them or developing them so that they remained useful as our business changed, became too prohibitive for us as a small company. We anticipate that AdminBase, as an industry focused software solution, will be continually developed by others instead of the burden falling upon us.

“We have been working with AdminBase for six months so far and the more familiar we become with the software, the more we are realising its value,” he continued.

“It is helping us to keep track of core information on orders and outstanding balances far better than we have been able to before. These functionalities are critical for our business so to be able to track them quickly and easily makes a big difference to our operation.

“All sections of our company have access to the app functionality, but we have chosen one person in each department to trial it first and then train their team, which seems to be working well,” he added. “The Customer Portal feature in AdminBase will become more important for us as we progress. We aim to make it the first port of call for customers wishing to make payments and can see how much it will improve customer relationships as well as our own internal efficiencies.

“Similarly, the Task Board feature is a real bonus for us too. We have always used a job board to help organise projects within the business, so to have it in a centralised system for the whole team to access easily is incredibly helpful.”

Rhonda Ridge of AdminBase commented: “Companies like Finesse Windows that truly put customers first and keep a firm focus on quality, deserve the support of an integrated CRM system that has been designed specifically with their business in mind.

“A system that not only works for them now but is constantly evolving to make sure it continues to deliver precisely what they need for the long-term. Although AdminBase is already a tried, tested and trusted installer management system, we don’t rest on our laurels and our superb development team will continue to evolve the system to meet customers’ changing needs.”