New Aluprof system ‘redefines’ energy efficiency

Wojciech Brozyna
Wojciech Brozyna

Aluprof has launched a new aluminium window and door system that can deliver U values of 0.72 within a 70mm frame.

The new MB-79N system is available as an open in/out window or door and fixed light arrangements.

Thermal efficiency of the new system is achieved through the use of advanced thermal break technology, multi-chamber profiles and high-quality insulation materials.

Aluprof’s UK managing director, Wojciech Brozyna, commented: “The Aluprof product portfolio includes many popular systems favoured in the UK. However, our customers are asking us to reduce frame sizes and optimise the design to provide a competitive system.

“We believe the MB-79N system accomplishes that, and showing our commitment to the UK architectural market we have suited into the new system an open-out window arrangement as well. We believe it will be a game-changer for architects, designers, and developers who prioritise sustainability, performance, and aesthetics in their projects.”

Similar to other Aluprof systems, the MB-79N profiles are available in three thermally efficient variants. The economical version, MB-79N E, features a one component central seal. The MB-79N ST version is offered with a two-component central seal and the MB-79N SI variant is provided with a two component central seal along with inserts of thermal insulation cores.

For external doors, Aluprof also offers the MB-79N SI+ variant that comes with a internal perimeter gasket and insulation cores inside the profiles.

Together with thermally efficient framing profiles the new system can accommodate double or triple glazed units up to 63mm thickness in windows and up to 54mm thickness in doors. These options make it possible to specify a common thickness of glazed units, including acoustic glazing.

Furthermore, the MB-79N system is designed to offer security doors, rated RC1 to RC3 including the option of providing panel doors in a wide range of designs.

MB-79N is also compatible with two existing Aluprof systems, the MB-86 and the MB-104 Passive.

These systems share the same accessories and gaskets with popular multi-point locking systems by renowned companies such as Roto, Fuhr and Geze.