Is your business at risk from an outdated server?

Microsoft is ceasing support for Windows Server 2012 on October 10, 2023, putting the security of possibly hundreds of window fabricators at risk if they don’t upgrade their systems, Cyncly business First Degree Systems has warned, but strategic planning now can result in a more efficient and profitable manufacturing operation.

“Many businesses will be looking at two options,” said First Degree Systems sales manager, Greg Beachim. “The first is to upgrade the server operating system, but the second is you may be forced to upgrade the server hardware as well. But both come with serious drawbacks.

“As much as the Server 2012 operating system is reaching end of life, more recent server hardware may not meet the challenges of the software or your business in the coming years. You would then be forced to invest in both new server hardware and operating system licencing, which can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds.

“There is a third option, and that is to move to a cloud-based solution such as Window Designer Cloud, which can offer you many more benefits.”

Doing nothing is generally advised against because an outdated operating system puts your business at significant risk of being hacked or breached when manufacturers no longer offer security patches, software updates, or technical support.

Also, running on a legacy system means you are more likely to run into performance issues, which could slow down production and reduce output.

“All the software you use to run your business – including office and accounting software – will likely come with a cloud-based alternative,” Greg said. “Today, most software is run on a subscription-based cloud model which brings significant advantages.

“The first benefit of moving to the cloud is that you don’t have invest in, and maintain, expensive hardware, which means you get a bigger bang for your buck. For example, a new server can cost thousands, whereas Window Designer Cloud Pro subscription offers a great value alternative.”

“Plus, running on the cloud makes it easy to scale up so you can add more modules as you go. So, you may start out on a basic package that allows you to process window and door designs, including complex shapes and requirements. But then you can upgrade your subscription package to include other cost and time-saving modules, such as Profile Optimiser and Stock Assistant, which help to reduce waste, optimise pricing, and manage stock levels that keeps more cash in the business.”

Greg said that by removing the server, you are removing maintenance costs, but also creating new ways of saving and making money simply by moving your software needs to the cloud.

“It’s a win-win,” he said. “You can continue to scale up or down, depending on your requirements, so you are always in control of the costs, and you haven’t got that expensive bit of machinery in the corner limiting your options.”