Future proof Decalu88 flush casement

Nigel Headford
Nigel Headford

Deceuninck Aluminium has launched a new, ultra-energy efficient Decalu88 flush casement window.

Headline U-values are as low as 0.8W/m2k with triple glazing – a Passivhaus equivalent level of performance.

Achieving U-values as low as 1.2W/m2k with a standard unit, it’s what the system delivers with double glazing that Nigel Headford, director of Deceuninck Aluminium, argued will deliver an even greater win to fabricators and installers.

He said: “You can switch to this product tomorrow and immediately up-sell in retail on thermal performance and aesthetics.

“In commercial and new build markets you’re going in with an incredibly competitive offer because you can hit Part L new build requirements with a double-glazed window without having to go to triple-glazing. That is an enormous win.”

He added that headline U-values of as low as 0.8W/m2k triple-glazed also meant that the Decalu88 flush casement had the Future Homes Standard ‘sewn-up’.

“You don’t have to worry about if your system is going to get you there in 2025. You can start fabricating today and know without a seed of doubt that you’re also good for the future,” he said.

The Decalu88 flush casement is built around a patented thermal break which helps to deliver its advanced thermal performance.

In common with the Decalu88 bi-folding door, it also features a knock-in glazing bead with a flush finish pre-inserted gasket.

With a flush finish internally as well as externally, the Decalu88 flush casement is available from Deceuninck Aluminium in dual-colour and metallic finishes, and marine grade, as standard.

It was designed by a UK design team and in partnership with existing Decalu fabricators.

“We knew we needed a flush casement. In that set of circumstances there’s always a temptation to try and rush something through to tick a box,” Nigel said. “We didn’t do that. The Decalu88 flush casement is the product of long hours and a lot investment from the team here in the UK.

“We worked with fabricators over an 18-month period and went through 49 different iterations of this product before we got it 110% right – and then we tested it with fabricators again!

“The product that we have today is, however, worth every late finish and a reflection of the passion and drive which has underpinned this project and why it will deliver immediate wins for fabricators.”

In addition to the Decalu88 flush casement and the Decalu88 bi-fold, the Decalu range also features the Decalu88 entrance door, Decalu163 lift-and-slide, and a range of casement, reversible and tilt-and-turn window options. This includes popular Stell and New Steel options.

The modular system has been developed to offer fabricators and installers a series of manufacturing and installation efficiencies, reducing production times by 40% plus across its offer.

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