Why take the chance?

Many pundits are predicting the best conditions for decades for timber window sales in the home improvement sector. But Mighton’s Mike Derham believes it’s important to sell like for like against PVCU and aluminium, and great hardware is a key feature.

Mighton Products sells a wide range of hardware for frames manufactured in all materials, but we major on high quality fixings for timber frames, reflecting my passion for high quality timber sash windows remains undiminished to this day.

The home improvement sector is dominated by PVCU and a resurgence in aluminium but we have also detected steady growth in the sales of high quality timber replacements.

Previously, most sales for high quality timber replacement sash frames were for homeowners that were compelled, either by conservation rules or their own passion for authenticity, to replace ageing, leaky frames with windows that maintained the appearance and heritage of their property.

Their priority was aesthetics, with comfort a welcome bonus, and security often an afterthought.

But more homeowners are now looking at replacements in timber, simply because they feel that genuine timber is more luxurious, is more environmentally acceptable, and why have artificial woodgrain when you can have the real thing?

If they have not done so already, installers should add high quality timber frames to their portfolio because demand will continue to grow. However, make sure they are of great quality from a dependable manufacturer, and that the hardware is up to scratch.

There are some excellent producers of hardwood, high quality timber replacement windows around. However, some of them still insist upon using cheap hardware to save a few pounds per window. This is very short sighted, especially on products that inevitably attract premium prices anyway.

Homeowners are very well informed these days and they will be very aware that most better-quality replacement windows in PVCU and aluminium will be supplied with hardware that conforms to the highest recognised standards, such as Secured by Design.

To compete effectively timber frames should also be supplied with products that bear similar marks of assurance. Any homeowner having decided to invest in timber frames for their home should expect nothing less.

Mighton has created a new brand – Armourer – that represents the finest timber sash window hardware on the market.

Every product selected to bear the Armourer brand has been tested to meet the requirements of PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design. We want installers, and their homeowner customers, to know that their windows offer the finest protection and the best quality that can be chosen for their windows. Should they check, they will be able to confirm this by researching the Mighton Armourer brand.

Armourer sash hardware products are all manufactured using the finest materials, and are consistent in design and quality as well as being comprehensively tested.

When an installer has been contacted by a homeowner interested in installing timber sash windows the customer has pretty much decided that timber is right for them. Having been invited in to quote they don’t want to lose the sale because the fittings are not up to scratch. Why take that chance?