Trust a machine for 12 years, have confidence in its successor

By Elumatec.

There’s no denying that 2020 has shaken up the industry. Many of us have been working from home and numerous businesses accustomed to a more traditional approach have been forced to embrace a somewhat daunting virtual world, but as a collective, the industry has shown that we can adapt and remain productive.

As we see production pick up across the country, I am proud to say that our team has done a sterling job. Throughout lockdown we continued to deliver, not just machines and software, but supportive customer service, whether that be at a safe distance on site or remotely via video call. Our job is simple: to fuel customers’ recovery and transform their operation as they negotiate their new normal; as they adapt, we adapt.

All over the world people are machining profiles, and now, more than ever, they want high quality and outstanding performance.

At Elumatec, we thrive on finding solutions and supporting new working practices. We react to changing needs in an instant, and always have, which is a statement I am confident would be corroborated by one of our most recent customers, a specialist in aluminium glazing.

When deciding to invest, decisions are easier when you have confidence in the manufacturer’s machinery and service, but what’s the best way to gain that confidence?

You could listen to the sales team and put your trust in their expertise. You could do extensive research and evaluate the payback period on every option. You could ask for recommendations from your peers, or you could rely on your own accrued experience. And, naturally, you could combine all these approaches.

The customer’s decision to invest in an SBZ 122/73 machining centre was based on several factors, not least the machine’s suitability for the fenestration industry. It’s a four-axis machine, which makes adding all those essential drainage slots − normally a labour-intensive process − simple. But a key element in their choice was their existing three-axis Elumatec machine. They have had that piece of plant for 12 years and it’s still delivering.

That’s because Elumatec equipment is built to last. It’s known for its reliability, efficiency and adaptability. What’s more, our engineers are respected because they understand the industries where our machinery is used. They know how to improve workflows, precision and quality. The extra attention to detail that makes sure good engineering has a real, tangible impact on an operation’s success.

This team knew what they wanted. The business is growing, and their product range continues to expand, so speed of production is an essential. The SBZ 122/73 proved a great fit. It doesn’t have the angled head of their existing machine and can work off a single spindle. Crucially, the spindle travels twice as fast as their three-axis machine, increasing their capacity.

They chose the water-cooled option, which allows high-speed machining along with the required precision. Tooling can be rapidly changed, and the machinery allows angles to be continually adjusted through a range from -120º to +120º.

The customer also had ease of programming on their wish list. The model they selected is controlled by our advanced eluCam software and has the advantage of a familiar and user-friendly Windows operating system, full-colour display and network connectivity.

The new machine is now a key part of the business’s set-up. It’s supporting their current plans and growth, but we trust it will continue to deliver, as the three-axis machine has done, for many years.

If the company needs change, they’ll have the reassurance of having selected an efficient and adaptable machine with a long lifespan and a great reputation.

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