More than meets the eye

By Emmegi.

Voilap Holding is the new name for Cifin – the group that owns Emmegi, and which was established several years ago by the Emmegi founders. It’s a reflection of Voilap, the newest digital business within the group, but it actually now encompasses nine different but complementary brands.

Among those in the UK is Emmegi but, from a fabrication perspective, it also includes the machinery brands Keraglass and Tekna, both of which are available via the Coventry-based business Emmegi (UK).

It is the Tekna machines which have the most obvious appeal for UK based fabricators and which are being supplied over here in ever greater numbers. That is in part because they offer very good value, but also because they fill gaps in the Emmegi range which the team didn’t even know existed.

Ian Latimer, managing director of Emmegi (UK), said that having the Tekna range within the product portfolio means that they can always make sure that a customer gets exactly the right machine to suit their needs and their budget, rather than just the best machine within a more limited range.

“We have had several instances recently where customers have come to us with a requirement for long bed, large capacity machines but haven’t had the budget available for an Emmegi model,” he said. “Instead, we’ve been able to offer them a very viable alternative from Tekna, which we know may give them a faster payback.”

One such customer was CSI Aluminium in Hull where Emmegi (UK) supplied and installed a Tekna TKE944-7 four-axis heavy duty machining centre last year. This machine is being used to fabricator CSI’s own bespoke unitised curtain walling system, which was developed in-house to be installed from a tower crane on sites with limited access for installation. The Tekna investment is helping CSI to maximise the commercial benefits of their curtain walling system, while still achieving the technical and performance levels required.

One of the key benefits for CSI is that the Tekna TKE944 can link easily to the rest of the Emmegi machines already in their factory so it fits seamlessly into the manufacturing set up. It also means that the installation, after sales, and service are all carried out by Emmegi direct.

There are plenty of machines in the Tekna range that do not have an Emmegi equivalent and which extend the options available to customers though. This includes everything from the Tekna TKE743 vacuum clamping three-axis machining centre to the cost effective TKE259 sealant applicator.

The TKE259 is an easy-to-use, low maintenance option for applying specialist sealant to protect against joint corrosion and improve the thermal, acoustic and weather protection barrier on aluminium windows and doors.

The machine automatically optimises the amount of sealant required on each surface and so eliminates wastage and minimises messy overspill. It is already being used by some of the UK’s biggest names in aluminium fabrication, all of whom can now buy consumables direct from Emmegi (UK), at a much-reduced rate than previously.

Ian Latimer is keen to point out that it is customers who are primarily benefiting from the expanded Emmegi range.

“Buying a Tekna machine from Emmegi (UK) means customers have the backing of one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, with a great team on the ground to take care of installation, training and servicing,” he said.