Maximise efficiency, minimise downtime

With fabricators trying to cope with the pressures of surging demand, the need for a trusted machinery supplier is more important than ever. Chris Bailey, business development manager at Kall Kwik, explains…

Record levels of demand, rising material costs and a longer lead times – it’s fair to say it’s been a tough year for the glazing industry.

Manufacturers across the country have been stretched like never before, trying to manage supply chain challenges and keep up with huge rises in demand.

Coping with increased demand is not as simple as just increasing the level of supply. Companies don’t have the facilities to just invest in new machinery to increase output, which means it’s important to be as efficient as possible in production.

This means getting the most out of your existing machinery by improving your efficiency in whatever way possible, and minimising downtime by ensuring you have processes in place to deal with breakdowns when they come. This is why it’s important to work with a trusted machinery partner, to keep up with excess demand.

Increasing efficiency

If you’re looking to increase your efficiency, it’s important to embrace automation, as it’s the best way of getting the most out of your production. The development of technology means window machinery is much smarter than ever before, and the ability to self-monitor production means faster and more efficient manufacturing.

Our level of software expertise means we know how automation can help improve manufacturing processes.

The machinery experts

It’s through these times of surging demand that support from a trusted machinery partner is more important than ever. When a machine goes down, you need the confidence that you are speaking to an expert who knows window machinery inside out. It can be frustrating when you contact a company and are stuck speaking to someone in an office. You want to be able to contact the experts directly, and this is what working with Kall Kwik can offer.

We have a highly experienced team to give customers the increased support that they need. We have made new additions to our team, increasing our capacity, meaning we can extend our expert service to an even wider range of customers.

As well as this, we have invested a lot in our stock. We have recently moved into a new unit which increases our space to 8,000ft2 and have significantly increased our stock levels of spare parts.

Having such a large selection of spares and consumables means we can offer solutions to customers quickly. Sometimes, machinery fixes are just a case of replacing a single part, but it can often get held up when trying to source the specific part needed. Our increased supply of spares will allow us to help get machinery up and running again quickly and minimise downtime.

The ACE partner scheme

Our ACE partner scheme offers our customers ‘Advice, Care and Engineering’, for their machinery. This means we work alongside manufacturers to help make the best machinery decisions for their business, whether that’s offering advice on the most suitable machinery or providing precise installation and support to minimise downtime.

Through our latest partnership with aluminium machinery supplier FOM, we can now offer the ACE scheme to a wider range of customers.

Following the record levels of demand seen in the industry in recent times, it can be hard to keep up. The importance of machinery in improving production mustn’t be underestimated and working with a trusted supplier is just as important. We work as part of your team to improve your manufacturing through expert advice and reliable servicing, to give the support you need.

So, in order to keep up with demand, it’s important that you choose a supplier you can trust to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.