Marketing success is in the basics

There are constant changes in marketing technology and an obvious shift towards the use of online channels of promotion. However, it’s having the basics in place that help to maximise the results says Samantha Hill, group marketing manager at Thermoseal Group.

We all know that successful marketing promotion is about getting the right message to the right people at the right time, but you can’t do that without the right database that is continually updated and segmented so you can make sure that integrated marketing messages are delivered in the right way to support the campaign.

Databasing isn’t the most glamourous element of marketing, so doesn’t always get the time and nurturing it needs, but it really is essential in getting a real return on investment.

From my first days working in public relations and marketing roles this has been a frustration of mine, having designed great campaigns that are reliant on databases that aren’t given the time and effort to be developed.   

At Thermoseal Group, we set up a good customer relationship management (CRM) system linked to the accounts system and our promotional systems such as e-Marketing software to allow us to target effectively with personalised promotions and track success.

This has been vital, particularly in building relationships with new customers in new markets. However, whether you’re using a more sophisticated database system, or an excel spreadsheet, it’s about constantly maintaining it, quickly adding new contacts and using it to engage with the people you have worked so hard to get contact details for.

In recent years we have spent more of Thermoseal Group’s marketing budget on worldwide exhibitions and hosting events to increase our brand awareness. Having a great exhibition stand in a premium location with a clever integrated marketing campaign to drive traffic to our stand is obviously extremely important, but our real success is in engaging with those who come to see us.

Exhibitions can provide hundreds of enquiries and contact names from many types of business within the window industry, and also from the building industry as a whole. It’s a huge task to go through all of these leads quickly, but our team race to get them on our database in the correct segments so our sales team can quickly respond to enquiries while they are fresh, and we can include all contacts in our targeted and integrated brand and product promotions – designed to provide information but certainly not to inundate them with spam.

This is especially important with products such as our Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge spacers, as it takes a while to build a full picture of the advantages of our products over competitors and to show the full technical support and service we can offer our customers through over 37 years in the industry with complete focus on components and machinery for insulated glass.

This is where visual promotions and new technology helps in capturing and keeping interest. It’s almost impossible to be completely up-to-date on current marketing tools and techniques as things are changing so fast. We, therefore, schedule to review each element of marketing periodically in line with the campaigns and strategy we are following at the time so that we can exploit marketing channels as much as possible to integrate our promotions and ultimately maximise interest in our premium products and service.

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