Accurate prospect data is key

We talk to Insight Data’s operation’s manager, Alex Tremlett, who says that up to date prospect data is a must for companies in 2022.

As the surge in demand across the industry begins to level-off, the state of the market is looking very different now in comparison to last year.

Throughout 2021, the home improvement boom continued as consumers were spending their lockdown cash reserves and companies were achieving record-breaking order books.

In fact, from the middle of 2020 (the end of the first national lockdown) right through to the end of 2021, the industry was dealing with an exceptional situation. A situation which meant more was accomplished, in terms of sales and business growth, in the last 24 months then in comparison to the previous 10 years.

But as things begin to stabilise, how will companies maintain the momentum generated from the last two years?

Minimise risk

With continued uncertainty across the window industry, Insight Data’s operation’s manager, Alex Tremlett, says that it’s important that companies use reliable prospect data to help make informed business decisions.

He points out that this year, companies will need to know the key contacts they must target and the best way to get in touch with them to get ahead of their competition – especially as things in the industry begin to level-off.

He also stresses that it will be incredibly beneficial for businesses to understand the finances of a future prospect to identify if working with them is a sensible and viable option.

“During these challenging times, it’s vital that companies are given an accurate overview of a prospect to avoid challenges further down the line,” explains Alex.

“Relying on Google can be a risk and is not the answer. Businesses need to be smarter in sourcing the most up-to-date prospect data.”

Up to date data

Insight Data is best known for supplying marketing data. Its Salestracker software is said to be the world’s first fully integrated sales and marketing platform – designed exclusively for the building and fenestration sector.

The system incorporates a CRM system, a built-in email marketing platform, document management and also hosts a financial data feed directly from a credit reference agency, providing users of the system with a financial snapshot.

“Salestracker provides our users with key business and financial data such as company registration and incorporation date, turnover and net worth as well as any County Court Judgements, and credit rating,” says Alex. “All the key information needed to see if the company is a viable option is available at their fingertips.”

Salestracker even gives users the ability to build marketing lists using credit ratings, so that companies can create direct mail, telesales or email campaigns targeting new customers by financial stability as well as size, product volumes, location and other information.

An additional feature also allows users to flag certain company types and get an email alert if the credit rating changes.

Next generation Salestracker

Heralded as the most accurate prospect and marketing data with ‘in-depth market intelligence’, Salestracker is consistently reviewed and updated. According to Alex, it is the perfect business tool designed to drive sales, marketing and customer service.

“We’re currently building the next generation of Salestracker,” he adds. “Previous versions of the tool allowed users to interact with customers via email, post and telephone while the latest edition is exploring the potential to connect through social media.

“Social media continues to rapidly grow and revolutionise for both consumers and business, so it’ll be beneficial for companies to be able to connect with prospective clients through popular platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.”

With the recent shift away from face-to-face meetings, the newest version of Salestracker also includes an updated telemarketing feature which allows users to simply manage their telesales campaigns and create follow-up lists.

Alex comments: “As demand decreases and lead generation slows, businesses will no doubt be preparing to get back on the horse and start their search for prospects to maintain the level of momentum generated over the last two years.

“With so much information available online it can, at times, be difficult to identify when a data source is reliable. Companies using data effectively can not only build their businesses more successfully but can also protect themselves from potential risks.

“Forget about using inaccurate and outdated marketing lists, and instead use a system like Salestracker,” he concludes. “It’s available 24/7, it’s constantly refreshed, and it’s updated live in real-time.”