Lights, camera, action

By Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin.

On September 2, we proudly launched our first ever prime-time television advert, premiering on ITV during Coronation Street. The advert, which has also appeared on Channel 4, More 4 and various Sky channels, runs until November 17, and celebrates the important role a front door plays in the family home.

The advert depicts a series of important family moments, all of which revolve around the front door. This includes a mother-to-be rushing out of the door in labour, the first time the kids crept home late, as well as the arguments and the making up that take place there. In just its first hour and a half, the advert generated an additional 1,800 unique visits to our site.

This national TV campaign was a big statement of intent from us, and we became the first family-run manufacturer to launch a nationwide TV advert in the process. It not only signified a substantial financial investment from the board and celebrated our new e-commerce platform, but also reiterated the confidence we have in our manufacturing processes and lead times. In addition to supporting our ambitious business growth plans, the campaign was also designed to benefit our partners, driving up demand, therefore increasing sales and profit-making opportunities in the process.

As with everything Origin does, the campaign was not done by half. There was an extensive marketing campaign, including social media support across Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as press and showroom opening days. Plus, we ran a really engaging media campaign that looked at how much Brits spend over a lifetime on replacing their most used items, and the importance of investing in the right places. Did you know that something as simple as replacing your kitchen kettle can cost more than £750 over the years?

The campaign clearly showed the importance homeowners place on the front door, with it coming out as the third most used item in the home, behind the kettle and living room sofa. It also showed that a quarter of us believe our front door is a pivotal part of what makes a property a home, while more than half feel it is an important part of a family residence.

All of this activity is raising consumer and partner awareness of our front doors and the long list of benefits that come with them. By increasing consumer demand in the product, we are able to help our partners improve their sales and profitability, which is always our end goal.