Finger on the pulse

Apeer has responded to market demand for a high quality, stylish single rebate composite with the launch of its new Apeer44 range. We catch up with managing director, Asa McGillian, to find out more.

Apeer is a company that owes its ongoing success to a number of key factors. These include an enviable product range, a highly experienced R&D team, world class manufacturing facilities, and a fantastic team of people – but also an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of market trends.

This agility is in part due to the foresight of the senior management team, but also thanks to the company’s retail distribution network, which provides a constant feedback of exactly what consumers are looking for to improve their homes.

This ‘finger on the pulse’ of consumer trends has led to the recent expansion of the Silka brand, a direct response to homeowner demand for a suite of products – including aluminium casements, a French door and lift ‘n slide – that can perfectly match to Apeer’s highly desirable, smooth skinned, aluminium alternative Silka composite door.

And it has also now resulted in the launch of a new, single rebate 44mm composite door range, appropriately called, ‘Apeer44’.

Managing director, Asa McGillian, explains more: “We’ve identified strong demand from consumers, but also from trade customers, for a high quality, high performance composite door that offers a comprehensive range of designs and finishes, but one that’s also priced more competitively.

“We have had a 44mm, single rebate option alongside our flagship 70mm composite doors up to now, but the new Apeer44 range builds on that with new styles, options and new marketing – it also coincides with a decision to really make the most of the success we’ve enjoyed growing the Apeer brand.”

Apeer has committed a considerable amount of resources to marketing over the last five years, effectively turbo charging its consumer campaign during lockdown in a move that, according to Asa, has now put it first and foremost in the minds of discerning homeowners.

“Our marketing, which included some very slick videos, has really paid dividends,” he continues. “It’s put us and more importantly, our customers, in a fantastic position for the introduction of Apeer44 because end users will already have the confidence in the quality of the brand, even if it’s priced more attractively than our established 70mm door.”

Powerful marketing is one thing of course, the real proof of the pudding, is in the eating. Unsurprisingly, there is more to the new Apeer44 range than a glossy new brochure.

A total of 13 new door designs have been introduced, bringing the total – neatly – to 44, together with a host of new RegaLead glass designs, including the popular New Orleans and Aurora options.

There’s also new side panel designs to choose from as well as a selection of black hardware options, including bar pull handles and lever handles, to enhance the premium aesthetic appeal.

And on the topic of premium aesthetics, it’s important to note that the Apeer44 range also includes two new options in a smooth skin finish, complete with smooth glazing trims and Regalead glass designs.

Asa explains that these have been introduced to give homeowners the opportunity to specify the distinctive, premium Silka aluminium style finish even on a 44mm door.

“We do get asked for Silka in a single rebate, so we have incorporated what is essentially the same finish that we worked so hard to perfect for the 70mm Silka composite into the new Apeer44 range,” he says.

“Given the success of Silka, we’re expecting it to be an extremely popular option, which is why we’ve dedicated a section of the new marketing brochure to promote it.

“We’re very excited about Apeer44,” concludes Asa. “The headlines might be full of doom and gloom, but we’re confident that there’s still going to be strong demand for good looking, high performance, quality products – especially ones that appeal to a much wider range of budgets.”