End-to-end customer satisfaction

By Elumatec’s managing director Neil Parton.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of delivering great service, whatever business you’re in and whatever it is you sell.

It also goes without saying that quality is a critical factor in a purchasing decision. In our industry, for example, the wise buyer understands the long-term benefits of exceptional, adaptable engineering. But the magic starts to multiply when the commitment to quality and service is present right through the supply chain, and we are seeing end-to-end customer satisfaction.

Earlier this year, we sold an SBZ 140 Profile Machining Centre to a five-star rated supplier of aluminium glazing. It’s our belief, backed up by feedback from the customer, that our technology has enhanced our customer’s ability to deliver bespoke products of the very highest quality at the right price. Our input, as a machinery supplier, training provider and software expert, has been another sound link in a chain that starts with sourcing outstanding aluminium systems and ends with a perfectly installed, efficient, secure and attractive window, door or bifold.

We’ll be honest, when the customer approached Elumatec, they already knew our brand values, reputation and approach. We weren’t in the position of having to sell the company, but then that’s never been the way we conduct ourselves. We’ve built a business on meeting customers’ needs, and the hard sell isn’t part of that. Building trust is more important; customers need to know that we are on their side.

Talking to the customer about their problems and challenges is an essential part of our service, and it quickly became clear that cutting fabrication time was a must if the company was to keep on top of growing demand.

The SBZ 140 is justifiably well regarded by those fabricating using aluminium or thin-walled steel sections. The four-axis profile machining centre is efficient and economical, boasting an on-board tool magazine for quick changeovers. Clamp positioning is automatic, and routing, drilling and tappin, are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces. Machining is possible with all tools at angles continuously adjustable from -90° to +90°. The centre can be configured to suit with numerous optional features. A key feature of this model is the Windows operating system that uses a 15-inch colour display, USB ports and has full network capability. Combined with our integrated eluCam software, it’s an impressive and adaptable machine.

The machinery and its software are only part of the story; as always, we ensured that the customer would get up to speed as quickly as possible with a programme of training and support. This extra stage, and the knowledge that we’re always on hand to offer insights and advice, is another reason that we have loyal customers. We’ve been talking to this buyer about their experience and it has mentioned our friendly, knowledgeable team over and again.

It’s not simply that we know our products. We also know how our products fit within fabrication operations. We know how to capitalise on the machinery’s capabilities, how to streamline workflows and processes, reduce waste, and retain the vital product quality that the best fabricators are seeking.

Because we’re so open, buyers know they can trust us and our solutions. If there’s a glitch (this isn’t a perfect world – occasional teething troubles happen) we get it sorted quickly. Often these issues provide a learning opportunity for both us and for the customer, which could lead to an improved process.

We asked the customer to sum up how they feel about their new machining centre. They said they were “over the moon” and that Elumatec would be the company’s preferred supplier for future machinery purchases.

Naturally, we’re delighted with that feedback, but we’re also proud to have forged another productive relationship because we know such relationships are key components of end-to- end customer satisfaction.

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