Britain’s hidden machinery gem

Adam Jones
Adam Jones

Jade Engineering offers more than just tooling and machinery. Glass Times talks to Sean Mackey and Adam Jones, to find out more.

Jade Engineering has products in the factories of every fabricator of PVC-U window and door frame fabricators and the majority of aluminium frame-makers too.

No other component or materials or machinery brand can claim this. Ask any fabricator in the UK if they have Jade machine tools in their workshops and they will reply in the affirmative; ask if they know what else Jade does however and they may be slightly more challenged.

And that is the reason why Jade Engineering’s owners embarked upon a lengthy and complex exercise to ensure all that changes: that the UK window and door frame making sector understands just how much more the firm that supplied their machine tools can do to support them, through the launch of a new website and a sharpening of its branding.

“We have supplied products – machine tools – to the vast majority of frame fabricators operating in the British Isles,” offered Sean Mackey, who runs the Bayton Road, Coventry-based firm with partner Adam Jones,” and despite this very few of those customers will have any idea what else we can offer. So, we thought we would change that.”

Sean and Adam have overseen the growth of a brand that is highly respected for designing and manufacturing machine tools on behalf of every PVC-U systems house in the UK, and the majority of aluminium systems suppliers too; they are the de facto toolmaker that everyone turns to. The reason, according to Sean and Adam, is simple: their tools are the very best available, are manufactured in the UK, supplied when they are promised and competitively priced too.

Jade is also well known for its range of no nonsense, single purpose standalone machines, as Adam Jones explains: “We offer a large range of machines for milling, cutting, cleaning and welding, each of which does exactly what it says on the tin. We have hundreds of these low-cost machines around the country, with some firms having as many as 20 or 30 in their workshops, often running side-by-side with highly sophisticated CNC equipment.

“Where our machines come into their own, in even the best equipped frame factories, is that set up is fast, and operation is simple with tasks carried out without the need for programming, or downloads. They prevent bottlenecks, carry out repeat tasks quickly and accurately and allow the bigger kit to do what it does best,” says Adam.

According to Adam and Sean, aside from the toolmaking and machinery, Jade’s biggest asset is its expertise.

In developing machine tools for every PVC-U and aluminium frame profile in the UK, it is said thqt Jade’s people have developed knowledge and understanding of frame making that is ‘simply unavailable elsewhere’. And whilst many companies have benefitted from this expertise, there is room to expand, adds Sean: “Jade Consult came about by stealth really,” he recalls, “when customers of our tools or machines would mention, in passing, a production issue. We would go away, think about it and come back to them with a solution, often a simple one. That has grown to the point where our clients still come to us to for help to sort often easily resolved production issues, and increasingly to set up turnkey production lines from scratch. This includes design, development, machinery specification and supply, commissioning and even training…it’s tremendously satisfying,” says Sean,” because it’s at the heart of what we do as engineers.”

The purpose of the re-branding and especially the website, is to communicate that expertise, says Adam: “The website is divided into three main groups: Jade Tooling; Jade Machines; and Jade Consult and this enables us to show what each of our divisions can achieve through text, high quality photography and HD video.

“The ‘Problem? Solved.’ section is probably the most important because it goes to the heart of what we do. We have some projects on there of which we are very proud,” he says. “It’s not our natural position to put ourselves out there, but we are proud of what we do; so I think it’s well worth a visit because the website and our new messaging reflects what Jade Engineering is today, and how we have helped companies improve their production.”

Sean Mackey
Sean Mackey