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Fyotto specialises in aluminium framed doors, and is often involved in flagship projects. While Fyotto has made the most of both 2D and 3D CAD technology since the early 1990s, today it is all about Elumatec’s EluCad software. The company’s Neil Clasby explains how it is transforming Fyotto’s operation.

Fyotto is using an SBZ-122/74 machining centre, which can be used with standard software, so the decision to purchase the EluCad software on top of the basic was one required a lot of consideration.

However, I recommend that anyone in the same boat spends the extra because EluCad has completely changed the way Fyotto works with the machining centre.

The main advantage of the EluCad software is that it allows the machining centre to be set up in advance and, crucially, while the machining centre is operating. This one change has allowed the volume of machining Fyotto is able to do to be doubled.

EluCad is programmable, and Fyotto has integrated product codes from our Quote software to set up machining for production jobs. We can now set up whole jobs of numerous variable products in minutes. Typically, the machining centre now has the next one to two weeks’ work pre-programmed and ready to be machined.

EluCad is also perfect for special projects that require bespoke machining; I find the ability to program using EluCad on the workstation in my office a significant benefit. I export the templates from my 3D product design CAD software straight into EluCad, saving time and eliminating the potential for errors.

Elumatec also delivers training that’s built around the customer, and the company fits a lot into three days.

Elumatec tailored the training to our products, our business and how we want to work. We were looking for efficiency and by showing us how EluCad can be programmed to automate the machining, that’s what we’ve got. We also picked up a wealth of priceless tips and tricks on everyday tooling and machining aspects of the machine.

Elumatec’s training gets us working efficiently as quickly as possible, with the benefits being felt throughout the entire operation.

EluCad software ensures that CNC technology is an asset to a business and not a barely used luxury that few people know how to handle.

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