A broader machine range

By Ian Latimer, managing director of Emmegi (UK).

First there was the Quadra L1, then the L2 and the L0, and now comes the launch of the Emmegi Quadra L3, a top of the range CNC machining centre for machining, cutting and drilling aluminium and light alloys, which has an incredible 20 axes.

The L3 pushes beyond the capabilities of even the existing popular models in the Quadra range, bought by the likes of Duggans, Everglade, Express Bi-Folds, Newbury, TWR and Unique Window Systems, and now has a secondary module equipped with a dual drilling unit which can mill, drill and tap at the ends of profile if required.

It’s yet further evidence of Emmegi’s ongoing product development programme and shows, I think, how demand from the industry is continuing to push the machinery sector to deliver ever more advanced levels of automation.

Like the rest of our Quadra range, the L3 can machine and cut all in one automatic operation. At a time when it is increasingly difficult to recruit skilled operatives, Quadras effectively do the work of a team of men. They are capable of cutting and machining profile for several hundred windows a week and, with little or no profile related tooling and minimal changeover time, are ideal for companies fabricating in several different aluminium systems.

The new L3 even has an automatic push feed and ejector system that works with different profiles of up to 7,500mm, automatically transferring each machined segment from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine and synchronising the pick-up of the next.

As well as the end drilling feature, this new Quadra machine also features an impressive CNC operated 600mm vertical cutting module with downward movement on three axes and a range from -45° to +245°. Alongside that, there is a 350mm horizontal cutting module mounted on the same support beam as the drill, with a range from -45° to +45°, which allows the L3 to cut large bars and execute special cuts.

A brand new turntable and disengagement system on the machine allows up to six air-cooled electrospindles to operate on four axes at the same time (X,Y,Z and A) and this increases its speed quite dramatically.

As you would expect, cutting, milling and drilling are all located in the central, soundproofed enclosure making it a safe and user friendly option even for a relatively unskilled workforce.

The Quadra L3, with its fairly niche features, sits alongside our existing Quadra machines, strengthening Emmegi’s claim to genuinely have a machine for every application. One of our key strengths is that we’ve got such a broad and comprehensive range available that customers don’t have to compromise when they buy from us – we can listen to their requirements and recommend a machine that we know ticks every box.

We’ve got an experienced team of sales engineers working across the UK and Ireland who can visit customers to give them the very best advice about the right machine to suit their individual set ups and their plans moving forward.

We also now have an Emmegi app available – both on iOS and Android – which lets customers get all our latest news and updates direct to their phones or tablets. They can use the app to get information on all of our newest products and view full technical specs even before they contact us, and even register direct to see the machines at any of our trade shows across Europe.

Our range starts with simple single head saws and crimpers and goes right up to fully automated cutting and machining centres like the Quadras.