The heart of the business

Darren Cunliffe has joined Ultraframe as head of customer services on a mission to “put the customer at the heart of every decision we make”.  

Having worked in the home improvement industry and in the roadside assistance industry, Darren feels his expertise of working in high-pressured environments and offering immediate solutions will bring a benefit to Ultraframe customers.

“A vast amount of my experience has been in businesses where the customer service team has been relied upon to deliver immediate solutions to issues – it’s that fast-acting approach that I want to finesse at Ultraframe,” Darren said. “You hear a lot about ‘customer excellence’ in most businesses and I am really impressed by what I’ve already seen at Ultraframe, but like any function there is always room for improvement, particularly around upskilling and empowering the team to take immediate and decisive action.

“I’m also keen to ensure that our fabricator customers get the service they need. Fabricators have a unique set of requirements compared to our retail customers and it’s vital that we continually recognise that and deliver on it.”