The boomerang effect

Two well-known industry faces have recently returned to work at Ultraframe for the second time in their careers: Rebecca Clegg has returned as public relations manager, while Greg Hawksworth returns as the head of glass roof and glazing product development.

Rebecca originally joined Ultraframe for a three-month contract back in 2003 and is still in the industry some 16 years later, having spent seven years at Ultraframe, followed by another industry role.

Rebecca said: “People say that once you’re in this industry you never leave and that’s looking to be true for me. I first joined Ultraframe back in 2003 to assist on a product launch and enjoyed it so much that I worked here for seven years.

“I was thrilled to return in late 2018. The product range is extremely different – as you would expect from a company known for being a key industry innovator. It’s an exciting learning curve for me and I’m enjoying working as part of a highly experienced and respected marketing team.”

Greg worked at Ultraframe for 14 years in the R&D Department and has returned after working elsewhere in the industry for the last two years. He said: “It’s great to be back in such a dynamic business, working with a strong innovative product design and engineering team. I’m able to bring fresh experience of thermally broken systems used in fenestration, gained during my time outside of Ultraframe which can be reapplied.”