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The Window Company (Contracts) made further investments in its surveying team before lockdown, saying that it is the quality of the survey that is ultimately key to the satisfaction of residents who are having their windows and doors replaced.

The Chelmsford based company, which works on behalf of main contractors and social housing providers across London and the South East, says that accurate data from surveys eliminates errors and mis-measures and means that snagging visits can be significantly reduced.

David Thornton, chair of The Window Company (Contracts), said: “Reducing or even eliminating snagging obviously has huge benefits for the resident, the client and of course us as the contractor. As well as improving overall satisfaction levels, it makes us more efficient and in turn more competitive.

“We analysed our surveying errors on one major council contract over the six months prior to lockdown and they had reduced by more than 30% over the previous period. That represents a saving to us of more than £10,000, but also means we have been able to deliver a better service to the client.”

There are now three surveyors on The Window Company (Contracts) team, headed up by Phil Hancock.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the window industry, Phil has been with the business for five years. He is training and mentoring the newer recruits, including newcomer Richard Kingston, who is completing NVQ Level 3 training in surveying funded by The Window Company (Contracts).

Phil said: “As well as surveying the property, we will always take the time to explain [to residents] what will happen once our fitters arrive to carry out the installation. In these times of Covid-19, we are advising them on our new safe working protocols, reassuring them that they will not need to move their own furniture and reminding them that they can safely leave our fitters to work unsupervised in their homes.”

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