New warehouse and transport logistics manager

DW3 Products Group has appointed Chris Follows as the new warehouse and transport logistics manager for Residence Collection and Window Widgets.
Chris brings strong experience working in logistics for 25 years, most recently for the Epwin Group. Prior to Ewpin, Chris worked for Excell Logistics on multi-site contracts, of which Rehau was a major contract.
Chris’s key skills include managing large teams over a 24-hour operation, restructuring warehouses and introducing new systems to meet KPIs and improve efficiencies.
Reporting to DW3’s operations director Mike Price, Chris is responsible for achieving consistently strong otif delivery rates, and implementing a new racking and storage system so stock can be found quicker.
“It’s exciting to be joining two businesses that are experiencing fantastic growth in the market,” Chris said. “It’s also timely to review existing systems and processes and see what can be improved to make our service better, quicker and more efficient.
“In just three months of joining I’m pleased to see that some of my initiatives are paying off and we’re getting great feedback from our customers. KPI forms are now filled in weekly and reviewed monthly, and otif has vastly improved. For the first time ever in June and July, Window Widgets achieved zero ‘no picks’.”