New managing director

Callum Grant has been appointed as Norscot’s new managing director.

Callum takes the dual role of managing and commercial director with the north of Scotland’s largest manufacturer of kit homes, windows and doors.

Callum, who is currently the commercial director, joined Norscot in 1988 in a sales position, before being appointed to the board in 1992. Outgoing managing director and co-founder of the business, Peter Body, takes the role of chairman.

“Callum has always demonstrated a strong desire to see the business succeed and serve the community in which we work,” Peter said. “He is well respected within the business, the industry and beyond. He is the right man to take Norscot forwards as we look to continue our growth.”

Callum said: “I relish the opportunity to take a lead in the next phase of [Norscott’s] development. It’s an exciting time for the business.”