Improved access

The Glazerite UK Group and installer partner Thistle Windows and Conservatories were pleased to install a Solidor composite door recently, after being contacted by a customer who suffers from a very rare neuromuscular condition.

Shanice Robertson of Aberdeen has a condition called SMARD (Spinal Muscular Dystrophy with respiratory distress) which affects the use of all her muscles and means she requires the use of a wheelchair at all times. Shanice is the oldest known living female with the condition and there are only 80 other known cases of it around the world.

Despite the challenges she faces, Shanice has been highly involved in promoting awareness of SMARD and meeting and supporting others with the condition.

Having recently purchased their own bungalow, Shanice and her partner contacted Thistle about help with adapting the property to suit her needs, which included updating the bathroom and installing ramps to help Shanice access and live in the property with ease.

Shanice said: “I also find it difficult to operate a standard door handle, so I needed a door with an electric lock so that I can access it without having to pull up/down on handles.”

Jason Thompson, director of the Glazerite UK Group, said: “When Thistle found out about Shanice’s circumstances they promised to do everything they could to support her with the very necessary changes to her property. After talking with Andy Cadman, Thistle’s trade sales director, together we identified that a Solidor composite door would be perfect for Shanice’s requirements, due to its auto-locking and high-spec features.

“Solidor kindly provided the slab, and Thistle, with the support of Independent Network (Veka), was able to install the door. Working together, we were able to provide this installation for Shanice free of charge.”