Budget switch benefits charities

Consort is making a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged people in and around its home town of Nottingham by reassigning money previously budgeted for corporate hospitality.

The Veka fabricator has supported charities such as Emmanuel House (a centre for homeless people) and Fists up for Frankie (a campaign that funds treatment for neuroblastoma – an aggressive form of childhood cancer).

Jeff Dunn, sales and marketing director for Consort, said: “Changes in the law introduced in 2010 left many companies questioning what forms of expenditure would subsequently be considered ‘corporate hospitality’ and what would be seen as ‘bribery’. We chose to avoid any such confusion and instead donate our hospitality budget back into the community that has contributed so much to our success since the company was established in 1950.”

Every year, Consort allocates a sizeable donation to worthy causes. This money would previously have been earmarked for corporate gifts and entertainment.

“Besides helping to support the most vulnerable and marginalised citizens in and around Nottingham, we are also raising the profile of organisations that rely purely on fundraising and donations to continue their work,” Jeff said. “Emmanuel House, for example, is a recognised cause in the area with a visible presence through its charity shop, but nevertheless receives no statutory funding. Conversely, some of the charities we support do not have the profile that Emmanuel House enjoys, making fundraising even more of a challenge.

“As part of this year’s budget, we have donated £600 to Remedi; a charity that provides restorative services for people affected by conflict in various settings, throughout the Midlands and the north. We always ensure though, that our donations make a positive difference for people in our area, so in this case, it has been used to support people in Derbyshire to cope and recover after being victims of crime.”