Nurturing those new to work

Quickslide has said it takes the notion of corporate social responsibility seriously, and has a history of nurturing those who are new to the world of work by employing them through its successful apprenticeship scheme.

One of its most recent recruits, Charlotte Gilbert, started with the company in January 2017 and has since excelled both herself, and the firm’s marketing collateral, Quickslide said.

Charlotte said: “I chose an apprenticeship rather than university because I work well with people and enjoy a ‘hands on’ approach to learning. I wanted a role which would provide me with opportunities to develop my skills quickly, and grow within the business I worked for.

“When I accepted the position, I was making a choice between this and another job offer. I liked the intimate office environment Quickslide has and felt that I would have the chance to take on more responsibility much faster than anywhere else.”

Working alongside marketing manager Sandra Berg, Charlotte has used her millennial status to radically overhaul Quickslide’s email campaigns and social media presence, giving the company’s followers a regular and often interactive update on everything from award-winning products, to quality marketing support, to specialist profile bending

As of January 2019, her step up to full time employment comes with an ambition to indulge in the unknown territories of event planning and PR opportunities.

“Going forward I hope to get involved in a lot more,” she said. “I look forward to seeing where Quickslide can take me, and how I can progress upwards from marketing assistant to roles such as marketing executive and marketing coordinator. It’s also a chance to make sure the relationship with our trade customers continues to flourish, as we’ll be able to provide them with their own branded material in house.”

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