New president of Gimav

Michele Gusti is the new president elect of Gimav, the Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery, Accessories and special products for glass processing.

Michele, who is also president of OCMI-OTG, replaces Aldo Faccenda (Bottero), who held the position for the 2016-2018 term, and was voted to serve as president of the Hollow Glass Division for the next two years.

The president-elect of the Accessories Division is Dino Zandonella Necca (ADI).

Michele said: “I am a member of Gimav and have played a role in the life of the association for over 20 years. Since day one, I have wholeheartedly believed in it, recognised its importance, and the overall commitment it requires.

“Now Gimav is becoming a leading association at the international level, and ever more importantly, has proven its ability to catalyse a large group of institutional representatives from international glass associations, and create a network where information can be shared and discussed.

“For my two-year term as president a great deal of attention will be paid to enhancing the value of the associations international vocation by establishing an increasingly greater presence at national and foreign sites, where decisions are made regarding the sector standards and development policies.”