Manufacturing improvements

Having joined Doorco in autumn last year, Mark Towers, senior production and technical manager, describes how he has been streamlining and strengthening the production heart of the business, ready for the launch of new products in the coming months.

My original brief on joining Doorco was to drive through production improvement projects, build the skill base of our supervisors and managers and implement new processes and procedures to ultimately, with controlled investment, increase the capacity and efficiencies through the factory.

Even for a well-established and lean organisation like Doorco, reviews like this are always important, especially in a fast-growth business. But when I learned about the new products that are coming on-line this year, the significance grew. I can’t go into detail about the product launches, but let’s just say, having the right people with the right skills in the right positions, will be critical to achieve our aggressive goals. We have now done this, in part thanks to Doorco already having invested heavily to future proof its production.

The next steps for me are to empower the team to take responsibility and be able to make the decisions that increase volumes, add new products and allow the business to continue to grow. Each team leader will be fully autonomous in their own area. They will be the decision makers and promote process improvement projects to allow the business to continue to grow.

We’ve built on our team working ethos to ensure each manager works closely with their own internal customers and that each team member takes ownership through revised KPIs, budget controls, and regular communication to ensure we are moving forward in line with our strategic plan.

As a business with innovation at its heart, it has been critical for us to work hard to attract, retain and develop talented people to drive the business forward. Despite the fact I’ve been in the door game for a long time, heading up various businesses along the supply chain, I’m genuinely excited about what Doorco is launching in the coming months and can’t wait to see the positive impact we will have on market choice and added value opportunities for our customers.