Going for growth

Kolorseal has appointed Cara Lansley as general manager, with one of her key tasks being to realise the potential of its new West Bromwich facility.

Deborah Hendry, managing director of Kolorseal, said: “We have ambitious growth plans for Kolorseal Midlands but we want to grow the business in line with everything Kolorseal stands for – high quality and customer focus. To achieve this, we needed someone based at the Midlands facility, dedicating 100% of their time to the facility’s customers and their specific needs as well as developing the business for long term growth. Cara is ambitious and organised and perfect for the job.”

Cara said: “I’ve had a lot of experience in various aspects of business management, including setting up retail stores and running my own departments. I love working with people and creating effective chain management so am looking forward to the new challenges that Kolorseal brings.”