From acorns grow support

Selecta Systems raised £1,550 for local charity Acorns Children’s Hospice at the end of last year after the marketing department organised a Christmas raffle and a Christmas jumper day.

Selecta Systems’marketing and customer support assistant Donna O’Reilly said: “We’ve supported Acorns as our local charity over the last few years and we’ve always been amazed at what they do for babies, children, young people and the families of those with life limiting or life-threatening conditions. Acorns has been threatened with closure over the last year or so and is heavily reliant on the community to fund the majority of its activities.”

Acorns Children’s Hospice provides babies, children and young people, who have life limiting or life-threatening conditions and associated complex needs, with a network of specialist palliative nursing care and support.

It also provides a holistic service which meets the needs of both the children and their families, including the bereaved. This includes: short break provision; emergency and end of life care; therapeutic and psychosocial support; sibling services; and family support.

In the past year, Acorns has supported 787 children and 1,223 family members across the organisation, including those who have been bereaved.

“It only seems right to continue that support and we’d like to thank everyone who got involved and donated,” Donna said.