Double board appointment

Romag has appointed two new board members: Harry Moore and Stephen Joyce.

Harry Moore, an international strategic consultant, has been appointed chairman. He has a wealth of experience in businesses requiring organisational change and has previously worked with (and made success of) major, well known global brands.

“Romag is a business full of passion – for the remarkable glass products manufactured, but also for the quality clients it works with,” Harry said. “With the new additions to the board and significant investment in new technology, people and development of new markets to follow, Romag is poised for success.”

Stephen Joyce joins the board as managing director, and will have full responsibility for the day to day operations and development of the business. He brings with him over two decades of manufacturing experience.

“I am determined that with a mix of great internal talent and our impressive new team we will push the business towards long term sustainability and growth,” Stephen said.