Development plan

Apeer has launched a Leadership Development Programme for its production team leaders to keep the manufacturer ahead of the rapid growth it has seen in recent years.

Around 18 team leaders and 12 managers and supervisors will take part in the programme over the coming 18 months, along with a number of non-production staff.

“In a very short time, Apeer has grown into a major-league manufacturer and it is important that we keep ahead of that growth with our standards and practices of management,” said Chris Wilson, who joined the Co Antrim company as production director at the end of last year.

“The company has not previously put our production team leaders through any management training but, to continue growing the company more effectively, we need them to take on a more strategic role, for example to be able to manage their teams to key performance indicators within their specific areas.”

The programme will take the form of two streams, to minimise disruption to their conventional duties. As well as KPIs, other areas of focus will include time management, effective delegation, problem solving, project and task management, communication skills and conflict management.