Decade celebrated

Andy Burns will celebrate ten years as a driver for Veka Recycling in July.

Based in Burnley, Andy joined the company on July 4, 2011, making collections of PVCU windows for recycling from customers throughout Scotland and the north east.

Andy has been a lorry driver for the past 33 years. Despite having never been out of employment since leaving school, Veka Recycling is only only the third company he has worked for, including having previously worked for Hotpoint for almost 20 years and an office furniture group for almost 10 years.

“Veka has been the best company I’ve worked for and working there really is like being part of a family,” Andy said. “Management at Veka listen to their staff. There’s not too many places you can knock on the MD’s door with any issues and get invited in for a cuppa and a chat.”

Veka Recycling’s managing director Simon Scholes said: “Andy is a great asset to our business and we all congratulate him on reaching this 10-year milestone. He’s a great, reliable, solid chap who our customers really like, a truly valued part of the Veka family.”