Bricks in the wall

Quickslide presented a ‘Brick-By-Brick’-themed stand that continued the company’s commitment to partnership with its trade customers, by introducing new products as well as initiatives designed to grow business together.

Chairman Adrian Barraclough said: “At Quickslide, we know that we are built on the successes of our trade partners, and to help them achieve these successes we know that we need to be more than just a reliable supplier. The best way for us to stimulate the growth of our trade partners, and Quickslide, is to invest our time and resources in the continuous development of each individual partner company. That’s why we explained our philosophy at the FIT Show using the ‘Brick by Brick’ theme, with the bricks representing the elements we believe are fundamental in supporting the growth and development of our valued trade partners.

“When partnering with Quickslide, customers immediately gain access to the wealth of knowledge and experience that we’ve spent more than 15 years building up, brick by brick. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small or large window company, we’ll care for you, support you and build a great business with you. We want to help all of our trade partners to become the best they can be.”

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